speaker mold
Bluetooth Speaker Mould making, computer speaker mold from china, Metric& Inch is okay
Good qyality speaker mould making, size can from 2inch to 35inch cover mould etc. Mold size max can meet 1800*1600*1600mm

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Speaker Cover Mould details:

  1. Critical to fit and/or function as request;

  2. Material to be PP+30% GF, processing must be with in Spec. for good fitting;

  3. Color to be natural, balck, white and red, shade is important;

  4. Draft to be included in dimensional tolerance;

  5. Parts to be supplied from vendor in trays, one part per cell to prevent damage to teeth. Parts must never be placed into bins or bags: they must be kept in trays. One part per cell, until individually removed for assembly.

  6. Tolerance indicated applies within dimensions indicated: remainder may be +0.2/-0.03

  7. Shape of roots of teeth to be as produced by specified basic rack.

  8. If can Bluetooth and wifire connetion application:

  9. The highlight surface must be textured as MT11020.

  10. No ejector pin mark, gate, flash, scratches or imperfections permissible on surface indicated;

  11. Cavity identification mark to be placed on surface indicated

  12. Nominal wall thickness is 2.5, part volume is approximately with 3D /actual;

  13. Zero draft on textured surface : slide required;

  14. Target A(a,a2,a3) B(b1, b2) to be established on highest point;

  15. The nominal geometry is established by the wireframe data. The following tolerances with respect to established datums apply unless otherwise specified:

0 to 25 mm: ±0.1

>25 to 100 mm: ±0.2

>100 to 200 mm: ±0.3

>200 to 400 mm: ±0.4

>400 to 800 mm: ±0.6

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