Dengfeng Mold Co., Ltd - 15+ Years Experience In Plastic-Mold Making, Aluminum Casting

Welcome To Dengfeng Mold Co., Ltd

Dendfeng Mold Co., Ltd is a professional mold maker who has over 15+ years in Dongguan city, China. We had provided various kinds of molds & plastic products for automotive, electronics, household, toys, medical equipment, consumer goods and other industries, 95% of the molds are exported to Europe, USA and other countries. Our business scope have covered from high –precision molds (+/- 0.01 mm) to large size molds (LxW=2000*2000 mm). We always support mold to our customers with good cost-effectively & best delivery.

Product Catalogues

Custom Caps & Closure Molds
high precision as 0.01 mm tolerance mold
daily use case such as food container mold, bucket mold, flip cap mold etc.
Thin wall mold making, min 0.3 mm
Aliuminum Casting mold
precision fixture